Report and Yoga Activities

Report and Yoga Activities

On 21st June,2019, the 5th International Yoga Day was celebrated with vigour and delectation the world over. Techno India Group Public School, Nabagram, Konnagar, West Bengal, also strove to make its students vigilant towards the relevance of Yoga in the breakneck lifestyle of modern times.

Students were assigned specific activities according to their classes and they successfully performed their tasks with exemplary effectiveness. Classes from K.G to Six along with the higher secondary section of Classes Eleven and Twelve displayed their Yoga skills whereas classes Seven to Nine participated in various academic and non academic co-curriculur activities. Creative writing, Debate and poster making were some of the activities performed by them. Apart from the students, even the teachers and non-teaching staff were an energetic presence during the Yoga dispay.

We, here at Techno India Group Public School, Nabagram, Konnagar, West Bengal earnestly wish that this spirit of well being is embodied in each of us through the ensuing year.

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