Inhouse  Teachers’ Training/ workshop

Inhouse Teachers’ Training/ workshop

Teacher training programmes enable educators to remain up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques, skills, and methodologies. These empower the teachers to explore advanced, smart classroom tools and methods and implement them successfully within the school’s educational framework. Techno India Group Public School, Nabagram, Konnagar organized a week long Educational Training programme for the staff members, in the month of June, 2023.

The names of the Training programmes are given below :

  1. In depth understanding of NEP 2020 and NCF 2022
  2. Meta cognition
  3. Teaching with digital Technology NEP 2020
  4. Life Skill/ 21st Century Skill
  5. FLN & Jadui Pitara

These programmes were highly beneficial for the Teaching Faculty of the school. The discussion was mainly based on the basic aim and objective of NEP 2020 which are to make education universally accessible from primary to secondary level by the year 2030. During the Training programme, it was discussed that the key points of NEP 2020 is based on 5 Pillars and these are- Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability, and Accountability. The concept of Meta cognition, Life Skill/ 21st Century Skill and FLN & Jadui Pitara were thoroughly dealt with, by the honorable resource faculty members and there was a clear sharing of thoughts and ideas among the participants which were very helpful for the up-gradation and improvement of the teaching-learning methodologies, practised in the school.

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